Environment Research Wing of Kota Experts Education Services Private Limited NITI AAYOG/NGO DARPAN ID - PB/2020/0266186

Kota Experts Education Services private limited was established in 2012 under company act (Section 8) 1956 to fulfill the objectives related to preparation of competitive exams specially for aspirants preparing for national level medical & engineering entrance exams later on commerce education was also included; to support private schools for promotion of competitive education & upliftment of intrest of students towards science; & to provide competitive education in schools run by government bodies/societies for example Meritorious schoos of Punjab, JNV(Jawahar Navodya Vidyalya) & KV(Kendra Vidyalya) as well as to cater better competitive education to wards of Indian army & other allied forces. On 16,Feb 2015 visionary management of Kota Experts established its environment impact assessment division (KEEIAD- Kota Experts Environment Impact Assessment Division) with a noble view that better future of citizens is possible only in better survivorship conditions/healthy sustainable environment. Main Aim of KEEIAD is to contribute in making blue planet livable for future generations with our motto “Let’s Sustain……Better than getting extinct”.

Aims & Objectives

KEEIAD is autonomous socio-scientific research division of Kota Experts Education Services Private Limited in support of environment (protection) act ,passed in 1986 by Govt. Of India after Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1984). EIA is the part of environment (protection) act 1986;which is essential to be conducted by the approval of any project. During the whole process of EIA the effects of proposed project are estimated/calculated on overall environment wherever this project has been proposed to be established. Through following aims & objectives KEEIAD is contributing to EPA 1986 of Govt. of India & accessing the impact of human interference on environment & on its components; & also trying to take out solutions too.

  1. Conduction of Biodiversity conservation programs/research
  2. Conduction of Wetland Conservation Programs/Research.
  3. Reduction of Carbon Footprint.
  4. Conduction of research/surveys/drives for better health of citizens.
  5. Conduction of conferences, seminars, symposiums & essay competitions.
  6. Conductions of research projects for sustainable development through development of techniques/products for greener tomorrow on self-funded mode & sponsored by different government & private sponsors.
  7. To publish news letters,books & Journals regarding environment/socio-ecological/social/economic concerns affecting environment.

Our Team

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